NGO Fetes Over 500 in Palliatives, Medical Outreach

NGO Fetes Over 500 in Palliatives, Medical Outreach

Mary Nnah 

Stop Hurting People Foundation recently held a free medical outreach and gave out palliatives and Batik fabrics to over 500 people in Lagos.

The day was filled with various activities, from health talks to medical checkups – from blood sugar, high blood pressure and eye checks, as well as the dispensing of drugs, palliatives and Batik fabrics given to the attendees in line with the objectives of the non-governmental organisation.

The event, which attracted more than 500 participants, was held at City of Refuge Ministries International, Black Gate Alagutan, Lekki Expressway, Lagos State.

Pastor (Mrs.) Eunice Iferi Chukwuemeka, the initiator of the outreach, said, “As usual, what we do at Stop Hurting Foundation is alleviating the people’s sufferings, giving them medical attention, giving them food, checking their eye health and recommending prescription glasses.

Chukwuemeka noted further that the empowerment had been an ongoing event for years and was usually observed twice or thrice a year, reaching out to the underprivileged in the society.

“We now observe the event once a year because we don’t have sponsors. We feel the pain of the people. As I would always say, I don t know why some Nigerians would have so much while others don’t have anything. Be your brother’s keeper by reaching out to somebody. We have nine medical doctors in the house to check their body health, do normal all-around checks, and give them medication. We have three opticians and three ophthalmologists to check their eyes and give them glasses. We have about 500 people registered and we are still counting because we stopped registration today.”

According to her, the outreach arrangement is a proper hospital setting where patients are given cards and they go see the doctors: “There’s a particular card we give to them, if they are ill, they come to our collaborating hospitals to take care of them and part of the payment is taken care of by the NGO. That’s our contribution to humanity.”

A nutritionist, Frank Ojile of Frank Kitchen, gave a talk on the importance of eating healthy, noting that fats and Monosodium glutamate (MSG) are major killers of the body.  

“The seasoning put in our foods should be minimised or stopped to enhance healthy bodies. A lot of people are fond of seasoning cubes and oily foods.  At the end of the day, it affects the immune system. These cubes and oil gradually build obesity into your system and doctors say once you are obese you are prone to other life-threatening diseases.”

 “So, now we are advising people to reduce cubes, rather, they should strive to take natural spices instead of cubes. All organically processed flavours are recommended for your cooking. If you must use oil, it’s better to get palm kernel oil. You don’t need to fry; rather, cooked, roasted or grilled foods digest properly in the system and so do natural spices.”

For the host of the occasion, Bishop Oscar Ossai, the event was remarkable in several ways.

“We are in a low-income neighbourhood, so to say, and the level of needs in this low-income environment is crazy. You see what is doable, you see the challenges on the faces of the people and you are unable to help. You see how they just die of diabetes, blood sugar issues, blood pressure issues and other ailments.”

According to him, “The church has been teaching the word of God but each time I keep praying to God to allow me to bring a platform that could help their health. I want to even run schools here. I want to run proper hospitals here so that they can render service.

“The people are there but there are no jobs and no businesses to keep them moving. We are not a church in a highbrow neighbourhood, we are not a high-class church. All we are asking is the opportunity God can give to us so that we can achieve more. A lot of people they call Area Boys have no family, they are just roaming around, with no businesses, nothing. I know it is doable but the platform with which to do it  is a challenge.”

Ossai commended Chukwuemeka and the Stop Hurting People team, volunteers, doctors and other medics for coming out en masse as a team to reach out to the community to solve their health issues and give them palliatives of rice and Batik fabric; which he said would brighten their lives.

It was a unique event, as the participants were first taught about healthy lifestyles. The highlight of the event was the surprise birthday wishes and gifts from the volunteers and dignitaries to mark Pastor Chukwuemeka’s birthday which took place on August 30.

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