My Achievements left Indelible Mark in Osun, Says  Aregbesola

My Achievements left Indelible Mark in Osun, Says  Aregbesola

Yinka Kolawole in Osogbo

Former Governor of Osun State and immediate past Minister of Interior, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola, yesterday noted that his contributions on education, youth empowerment, and the promotion of the Omoluabi ethos has left an indelible mark on Osun State.

Also, an International Development Consultant and SDGs Expert, Mr. Olasupo Abideen, advocated for the need to build leadership capacity for the youth in the country.

Speaking at this year’s “Teen Speak Out 10.0,” tagged “Let the Teenagers Contribute to National Development” held at Adebimpe event center, Osogbo, Aregbesola further Stressed that his initiatives, on Opon Imo, calisthenics, and his unwavering support for programs like Teen Speak out have shaped a brighter future for  youth, the state, and nation at large.

Aregbesola, who was represented by Mr. Ileowo Kikiowo, noted that education under Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola’s leadership was not limited to the virtual realm but equally recognised the importance of physical fitness and character development in shaping well-rounded individuals.

He emphasised that the introduction of calisthenics into the school curriculum was a testament to his commitment to holistic education.

According to him “calisthenics, the art of physical exercises, became more than just a form of physical activity; it became a means of instilling discipline, teamwork, and confidence in our pupils and secondary school students. Through calisthenics, they learned the value of dedication, perseverance, and the importance of working together as a team. It was a holistic approach to education that nurtured not only their bodies but also their character.”

“In addition to these transformative educational initiatives, Rauf Aregbesola has tirelessly promoted the Omoluabi ethos—a set of moral and ethical values that emphasize integrity, diligence, respect for others, and a strong sense of community. These principles have been woven into the fabric of Osun State’s education system, instilling in our youth a deep sense of responsibility, empathy, and good citizenship.”

“Rauf Aregbesola’s dedication to youth empowerment and education reform has made him a staunch supporter of programs like Teen Speak out 10.0. He understands that nurturing the next generation of leaders requires providing them with platforms to develop their oratory, advocacy, communication skills, and, most importantly, a strong foundation in the Omoluabi ethos.”

He remarked that “the significance of Teen Speak out 10.0 lies not only in the competitions and contests but also in the lifelong skills it imparts to our youth.

“It encourages critical thinking, effective communication, a deep understanding of the issues that affect our society, and the cultivation of the Omoluabi values. It instils in them a sense of responsibility, inspiring them to actively participate in public discourses and contribute meaningfully to nation-building while upholding the ideals of the Omoluabi.”

Aregbesola emphasised that as “we celebrate the 10th edition of Teen Speak Out, let us reflect on the incredible journey of transformation that education in Osun State has undergone. It is a testament to the power of visionary leadership, innovative thinking, and unwavering commitment to the development of our youth while nurturing the Omoluabi ethos.”

He said: “This year’s theme, “Let the Teenagers Contribute to National Development”, recognises that our teenagers are not merely the leaders of tomorrow; they are active participants in shaping the future of our nation today.”

“Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has always believed in the untapped potential of our youth, and it is through programs like we empower them to make a meaningful impact on the trajectory of our nation.”

 Abideen however noted that organisation would continue to also build good communication skills of younger persons to be able to speak on national issues.

He then called on both the government and educational stakeholders to contribute to the overall development of their children education.

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