Adeleke Makes Seismic Shift, Unveils N100 Billion Infrastructure Signature Projects

Adeleke Makes Seismic Shift, Unveils N100 Billion Infrastructure Signature Projects


Alade Adeyanju

The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) has become aware of a recent newspaper article written by Sir Johnson Arumemi-Ikhide and published in THISDAY Newspaper on September 27, 2023. In the article, Sir Johnson made several spurious claims, which are at best a misrepresentation of facts and an attempt to besmirch the integrity and reputation of AMCON in the fulfilment of its statutory mandates and objectives. 

While it is not the focus of AMCON to engage in needless media squabbles, as several of the issues in the article are sub judice, considering factual inaccuracies presented in the article, AMCON considers itself duty-bound, as a public institution, to correct certain inacc

Getting value for money from infrastructure investment, and using such investment to stimulate inclusive socio-economic growth for public use has remained the commitment of Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State since his inception into the coveted office.

This laudable step in the country’s body politic has also projected Governor Adeleke not just as a performing Governor but a trailblazer, who has a penchant for public investment management reforms that represent the first step in developing sector-specific interventions geared towards infrastructure outcomes for capacity building and human capital development.

The extent to which this is feasible is closely related to the quality of governance and institutions in the state under Adeleke, which is key to determining which projects are selected and how they are delivered in record time for the good of public interest and optimal use.

In deepening this zest for excellence, Mr. Governor on Friday, October 27, 2023, unveiled his laudable plan to build infrastructure worth N100 billion for the state. The infrastructure would judiciously cover 45 major roads, 345 healthcare centres, five flyover bridges, statewide portable water provision as well a street lighting network among others.

Adeleke did the unveiling at the Excos Lounge of the Governor’s Office in Osogbo, the Osun State capital amidst critical stakeholders from all walks of life. 

The governor stated that having a solid infrastructure base in all sectors of the economy would help catalyze growth and development in the state.

He added that the imperative of bridging the state’s infrastructure gaps necessitated his current urgency and commitment in this regard.

“I have used the last 11 months to address the over 90 per cent infrastructure deficit our administration inherited. 

“But more still needs to be done, hence the ambitious plan to launch this infrastructure plan that covers roads, health, water, and schools among others. 

“By investing so much in infrastructure upgrades, we are laying the foundation for effective public-private partnership”, the governor said.

In terms of finance, Governor Adeleke said the infrastructure plan would be sponsored entirely by the state without procuring loans from any financial institution.

He added that his plan entailed complying with all procurement laws and due process while also ensuring that the local content part of the implementation was adequately satisfied.

He said: “Very importantly, our administration is ensuring localisation in the implementation process. Local content in terms of sourcing materials and workforce is key to transferring skills and economically empowering our people. 

“This is in line with the five-point agenda of our administration which seeks to boost the local economy. High local content is married with a strong maintenance plan to ensure the sustainability of the infrastructure.”  

Governor Adeleke said his administration would hit the ground running after the unveiling and promised that 95 per cent of the projects would be executed through local content to curb capital flight.

In specific terms, the rehabilitation of Otan Ayegbaju Iresi Road and Ede-Egbedi to Erin Osun Road has been captured by the state government. It has also targeted water projects across all 332 Wards of the state which is ongoing. 

It is also conducting geophysical surveys across the political wards. Likewise, borehole drilling is also taking place in all the selected areas of each Ward as well as installation and supply of head tanks.

In the area of health, the Imole Medical and Surgical outreach will now be held quarterly, in six of the state hospitals under the coordination and supervision of the Osun State Ministry of Health. 

Governor Adeleke who has disdain for white elephant projects also places a high premium on education, just as he marked for reconstruction, Ede Muslim Grammar school in Ede (Ede Zone), Ifeoluwa C&S Grammar school Ilesha (Ilesha Zone), Oranmiyan Memorial Grammar School Ile-Ife (Ife Zone), NUD Grammar School Oke Bailey, Osogbo (Osogbo Zone), Baptist Grammar School Bowen road Iwo (Iwo Zone) and College High school, Ila Ikirun (Zone 7).

Mr. Governor is also set to carry out dualisation of the following roads; Old Garage Oke Fla LAMECO roundabout, Osogbo, Skoda junction Baptist High school Ede, Baptist High school Oke Gaza, Ede, Oke Gada Ido Osun-Ofatedo road, Ilesha/Akure-Brewery-Palce-Ilesha. Also set for rehabilitation are Otan Ayegbaju Iresi Road and Ede Egbedi Erin Osun Road.

Besides it is also constructing 1.5km length of roads across 30  local govt and one area office. Similarly, Governor Adeleke is equally constructing the Oke Fia roundabout, Osogbo, construction flyover, underground tunnel at the stadium roundabout Osogbo, construction of flyover at May Fair roundabout, Ile-Ife,  construction of flyover at Owode market Ede. These interventions are also extended across the Osun River, Ede and Erinle Rivers in Ede.

• Adeyanju, a data analyst, sent this piece from Iwo, Osun State

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