King’s College PTA Unveils Liaison Office, Projects at College Annex

King’s College PTA Unveils Liaison Office, Projects at College Annex

The King’s College Parent Teacher Association (KCPTA) has inaugurated its liaison office alongside other key projects at the annex of the college, in Victoria Island, Lagos. 

Chairman of the association, Mr. Sunday Ameh, who unveiled the office, said the liaison office doubles as the mid-day meal office, and would cater for parents and students’ needs.

This he said would facilitate the coordination of activities on both campuses in terms of effective interaction with officials of the platform by way of sending and receiving correct information.

“I want to say that I am very happy and proud of my parents in this college for the maximum support they have shown in ensuring we construct and inaugurate this project that is targeted at effective learning outcome for our children.”

According to him, the PTA also inaugurated the PTA JSS 3 hostel, the laundry office that will handle all issues concerning laundry for the students and also assist the teachers in washing their clothes.

“On popular demand too, we also inaugurated a ‘loss but found’ centre. It has been discovered over time that some of our JSS1 students who are underaged, often report of missing items such as school bags, shoes, uniforms and even books.

“We have launched a centre, where they could conveniently go to and recover those things. Parents could come, retrieve and hand them over to the dry cleaners to take of,” he said.

The PTA chairman added that the five storey PTA building at the main campus is currently undergoing major renovation and would soon be completed for use.

He explained that when the current administration came on board under his watch two years ago, one of the area of major concern was the level of decay in infrastructure on both campuses.

“Then, one of our firm promises was that we were going to ensure that we change the narrative, by seeking  collaboration with key stakeholders, including the school management to assist government.

“We the parents and other stakeholders constitute that government. The children belong to us and therefore, as key stakeholders, we need to step in and play our part in our own little corner to ensure that our children get the best teaching and learning experience,” he said. 

Ameh also bemoaned the dearth of teachers, saying that  there are about 56 teachers in the association’s payroll, despite its limited resources

“I therefore want to seize this opportunity to call on the federal government to step up efforts in mopping up these teachers so that we could divert the funds used in paying them to other capital projects in the college for an improved teaching and learning environment,” Ameh said. 

He assured government of the PTA’s continuous support if it could consider its appeal.

Meanwhile the Principal of the college, Mr. Andrew Agada stated that the college is in dire need of teachers, especially in English Language, Mathematics and sciences, adding that six teachers of the college had left the country for greener pastures overseas in recent time and have not been replaced.

“It is worrisome because if not tackled, no meaningful learning outcome will be achieved. So, I will say that King’s College currently needs not less than 50 or 60 teachers, most especially, those in core subjects.”

He appealed to the federal government to speed up the process of employing more teachers.

Agada also commended the PTA for its support and collaboration in ensuring that the students get the best of learning experience, as displayed in the various projects it has executed on both campuses.

While thanking the PTA for employing teachers to bridge the existing gap, he said such intervention will help to provide the much needed conducive environment for academic excellence.

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