LASGEMS Lauds Tinubu’s Education Record-keeping Legacy

LASGEMS Lauds Tinubu’s Education Record-keeping Legacy

Funmi Ogundare 

The Lagos State Government Education Management Systems (LASGEM) has commended President Bola Tinubu’s penchant for education records.

The Managing Director, LASGEMS, Mr. Yomi Erogbogbo, said this in a congratulatory statement to Tinubu over the presidential election victory at the Supreme Court. 

He revealed that he was exclusively contracted as a service provider for the organisation, saying that its growing benefits and political leverage would have been speaking loudly for the president if the evolving legacy solution had not been interrupted in succession from 2010, by overlapping interests and systems creating undeserved forced project disputes, which include the $95 million grant; Eko Secondary Schools Education project’s exposed April 2015 replication and replacement attempt as one of Eko project achievements that resulted in strange contract agreement demand for LASGEMS software intellectual property.

He stated that though no known LASGEMS functional performance challenges reported, the Lagos State Personal Identification Number (LASPIN) aberration was introduced in February 2016 on live television as a replacement and discontinuity of statutory LASGEMS.

He added that the LASPIN interruption was eventually resolved through internal mediation prayers by the Ministry of Justice, and approved in March 2019 by the governor, saying that it was not duly complied with by the ministry of education before the end of tenure 2015/2019 administration. 

“Whereas the service contract technically subsists, the 2019/2023 education administration reneged on the mediation, unexpectedly threatening through Ministry of Justice to disengage with the service provider. The education ministry further misrepresented LASGEMS legacy achievement and tactically omitted it from the presidential campaign documentaries.”

Erogbogbo highlighted the benefits of LASGEMS, saying, “it incorporates identity management for schools and students, asigns unique lifetime Student Personal Identification Number (SPIN) to every student at first registration, ceates an electronic database of student records, section five of LASGEMS law which maintains comprehensive database records of all students in the state public/private primary, junior and senior secondary school; collect and maintain personal details of all students including contact information of parents and guardians/sponsors; collate and update academic performance details, school attendance and disciplinary data per academic year; and maintain and process any other information on pupils/students, parents and guardians for verification purposes only.

He added, “also of significance is section 9 of the law that makes government the clearing house for all transferring pupils/students in the state. This LASGEMS digitalised feature allows concerned schools conclude the transactions online and real-time in seconds with necessary approvals. It minimises school fees debts and helps control abnormal admissions into higher school levels such as moving from primary school year four to the first year of a junior secondary school. “LASGEMS ensures quality data, effective planning and monitoring tools with automated prudent management controls resulting in public student performance improvements and significant annual savings by government.”

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