MGHS Old Girls Organise Giving Back Programme

MGHS Old Girls Organise Giving Back Programme

Ugo Aliogo

The 1978/1983 set of old girls of Methodist Girls’ High School, Yaba, Lagos has organised the Girls’ Giving Back Programme, an initiative that started five years ago when the set celebrated 35 years of leaving school to give back to the school that impacted them to impact the next generation.

Speaking at the event, the President of the set, Ibiyosola Ogundairo, said a lot of them when they were at the age of the present set, didn’t have the kind of opportunity where people came to speak with them, but there were people who influenced them by just a few words that they spoke to them and it stuck with some of them.

“Now that it is an era where you can gather students together and talk to them and there are motivational speaks to share with them, we felt that there is no other way better to spend our 40thn anniversary than to want to impact the girls with people we know are very passionate about them and then growing to become responsible and ladies that we can all be proud of.”

She expressed confidence that the gesture would impact the students the way they desire that it should, stating that they understand and know what it means and are confident that a large majority of the students would have picked up something, especially from the speaker who shared true life stories.

Ogundairo averred that their hope is that those stories would impact these girls and help to shape their decisions, “we learn that decisions form your life and what you will become. It will help them in making those decisions that will form their lives right in the future.”

The president added: “What we had today is like an informal mentoring session because they have heard about people who have succeeded and I’m sure they feel mentored. The global body has plans to have mentoring arrangements for the students in school and our set is expected to nominate two ladies that can handle this to join the global body is doing that. So, I can imagine that if you have two successful ladies from every set, forming this global mentoring group, then the girls are successful already.”

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