Is Senator Olamilekan Adeola’s 2027 Game Plan Feasible? 

Is Senator Olamilekan Adeola’s 2027 Game Plan Feasible? 

Pursuing power and relevance is not a new thing. Since civilised man decided to advance through societies, this pursuit has been ongoing. Accordingly, Senator Olamilekan Adeola’s bid for the governorship of Ogun state is not strange. The only question is its feasibility.

Senator Adeola, fondly called Yayi by friends, is a charming man. Since arriving on the political scene as the Lagos State House of Assembly member for Alimosho State Constituency 2 in 2003, it has been something of a smooth ride. But the path swerved to blurry political obscurity, especially since Yayi appeared to have his eyes on the Ogun governorship position.

Indeed, few have enjoyed as consistent a political life as Yayi who is also the Aremo Oba of Yewaland. From being a House of Assembly member in Lagos, Yayi hopped into the senatorial seat in 2015, representing Lagos West. He kept this position for eight years and only retired from it in 2023. Immediately after, Yayi hopped sideways and became the senator representing Ogun West.

Yayi’s political forays have been the source of many debates and commentators bashing their heads. Should an individual be able to represent multiple senatorial districts in an unbroken sequence? But Yayi did it and looks set to do it again, adding a gubernatorial flavour to his senatorial streak.

Yayi indeed intends to be Ogun state governor come 2027. This dream has been many years in the making. Some observers are convinced that this is the root cause of Yayi’s many philanthropic endeavours throughout the years. Perhaps, empowering enough people would get him into their good books and they would in turn get him into the Ogun number one seat.

Some people think that Yayi’s governorship ambition is a pipedream. Others believe that nothing is impossible, especially since the Nigerian Constitution has nothing to say about it. In truth, only time will tell. But in the meantime, the people of Ogun West are assured of the best of Yayi for another year.

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