Abisola Bamidele: A Cultural Icon Creating New Vistas

Abisola Bamidele: A Cultural Icon Creating New Vistas

While growing up, her curiosity and determination set her on a path of innovation and social impact. Today, Abisola Bamidele has grown to become a visionary and an accomplished female entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Fondly called Lady BisBam, the 53-year-old’s advocacy for the preservation of culture and tradition has fueled her brand as “Alaga Iyawo” (Traditional Wedding MC) for over 30 years and still counting. She is known and recognized at home and abroad for excellence and experience.

Call her a restless soul and you may be right, as she loves to explore. This has launched her far above many of her counterparts. Society Watch gathered that after records of accomplishments and success in her chosen career, she embarked on another entrepreneurial journey with Bisbam Global Ventures, a groundbreaking venture she founded 10 years ago.

Bisbam Global Ventures now stands as a testament to her dedication, offering a one-stop sanctuary for Aso Oke, Aso Ebi, and resplendent traditional bridal ensembles. She complements this with her brainchild “Arewa Jewelry Shop” which showcases the finest pieces, celebrating the heritage of Nigerian culture.

Also, her ability to identify market trends and adapt to evolving industries quickly has propelled the company to success. all these combined have made her a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women in business. She became an advocate and a pioneer of an online Family Building Forum, called HOME BUILDERS, which has close to 80,000 members.  Driven by a desire to mend fractured families, this thriving community now unites nearly 80,000 members across the world, serving as a testament to its impact on the lives it touches.

Lady Bisbam established the “Alaga Academy,” otherwise known as ‘The Rising Stars’. This esteemed institution imparts invaluable mentorship and guidance to budding talents, fostering a legacy of empowerment and producing over 150 accomplished graduates. These graduates are now well-established and are doing exploits in their respective areas.

She serves on the Board of Trustees and acts as Matron.

Her dedication to supporting women facing cancer is a cornerstone of her philanthropic efforts. Through her work with numerous government agencies and not-for-profit organisations, Lady Bisbam has provided crucial resources, emotional support, and advocacy for women navigating the challenges of cancer.

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