Bankole Omisore: The Powers behind the Growing Successes of Gov. Adeleke

Bankole Omisore: The Powers behind the Growing Successes of Gov. Adeleke

Behind every successful man is a powerful woman—so the saying goes. The case of Osun State governor, Ademola Adeleke, is a bit different. Behind him is a team of specially trained change-makers, including the brilliant Bankole Omisore. Today, Omisore is likely the most powerful individual in Osun, overshadowing his boss’ influence by a long shot.

Governor Adeleke’s dirty laundry has not been aired in a while. Things are taking a turn for the worse for him in this regard. This time, the calumnious speculations revolve around the Dancing Senator’s joviality, now regarded in some quarters as fatuous and unproductive. But there’s a rainbow within this dreary cloud—in the person of Omisore, Adeleke’s Special Adviser on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Multilateral Relations.

Rumour-mongers claim that Omisore arrived at Adeleke’s side at the behest of a former Senate President whose administrative help the governor was unable to obtain. Not minding the authenticity of this claim, Omisore has demonstrated remarkable mastery of governmental oversight. His contributions to governance in Osun have turned criticising eyes away from Adeleke’s presumed miscarriages.

Reports allege that Adeleke’s cabinet consists of individuals who recognise Omisore’s value and defer to him in all things. The governor is consequently cast in the cinematic arrangement as the August emperor, chancing upon power but having little ability to handle it effectively.

It is not necessarily a bad thing that Omisore is very good at assisting Adeleke. By every indication, Adeleke recognised the international relations and digital communications expert, evidenced by how much power was delegated to him. Continuing this train of thought, Adeleke can rest easy, outsourcing governmental problems to teams headed by Omisore, and letting fault-finders exercise their jaws.

As long as people like Omisore stay by Adeleke’s side, the governor will shine. If this is not enough reason to be jolly and dance at every opportunity, what is?

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