Def Jam Music Conference Debuts In Nigeria

Def Jam Music Conference Debuts In Nigeria

The inaugural edition of the Def Jam Music Conference which was recently held in Lagos marked an inspiring convergence of creative luminaries, industry trailblazers, and visionary entrepreneurs.
The event was dedicated to exploring the dynamic theme of “Building Bridges: Crafting Creative Opportunities in The Global Age.” Hosted by Def Jam, an illustrious pillar within the music industry, the conference’s overarching objective was to illuminate the wealth of resources and insights available to all creatives.

It underscored the transformative power of partnerships and collaborative ventures in attaining global prominence. A focal point of the conference was the Creative Panel discussion titled “Preserving Authenticity in Global Partnerships.” This riveting discourse featured a constellation of revered creatives and industry giants who embarked on a profound exploration of the nuanced art of preserving artistic authenticity while traversing the global stage.

The conversation delved into multifaceted topics, including strategies for unlocking global opportunities while staying true to one’s creative essence. It celebrated the significance of nurturing local artistic communities that resonate with global subcultures, fostering a sense of belonging. Furthermore, it magnified the role of partnerships in propelling and sustaining the creative journey. The panelists shared pearls of wisdom, illuminated contemporary challenges faced by artists, and bequeathed three actionable pieces of advice for those on the quest to resonate globally.

Creative panellists including Susan Younis (Founder of SAY Visionaries), P Priime, Telz, Bloody Civilian undertook a deep dive into the strategic preparation required before embarking on partnerships and shed light on the paramount importance of assessing value propositions beyond monetary considerations. The discourse ventured into the transformative potential of cross-collaborations in forging global touch points. It also spotlighted innovative methodologies in nurturing partnerships and underscored the necessity of recognizing the unique value each party brings to the table. Prominent Music Business Panellists included: Sam – Trace TV (Distinguished Moderator), Alex Boateng – Co-president of 0207 Def Jam, Teezee – Co-founder of Native Mag & Native Records, Alhaji Popping – Founder of Mainland Block, co-founder of Plug NG and Esteemed Talent Manager, Stephanie Okocha – Founder of Panda Ent/Pub. & Visionary Artist Manager.

Speaking on the conference, Co-president of 0207 Def Jam, Alex Boateng,said, “We are ecstatic with the resounding success of our inaugural Def Jam Music Conference. It served as an unparalleled platform for creatives and industry aficionados to congregate, exchange knowledge, and spark innovation. Our unwavering belief in the catalytic potential of partnerships, devoid of creative compromise, has been underscored by this remarkable event.”

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