AIDS Day 2023: NiBUCAA Expands HIV Awareness in Underserved Communities

AIDS Day 2023: NiBUCAA Expands HIV Awareness in Underserved Communities

Rebecca Ejifoma

The Nigerian Business Coalition Against AIDS (NiBUCAA) commemorates the 2023 World AIDS with nationwide HIV testing, counselling services and an awareness campaign in underserved communities in Nigeria.

This activity is to mark World AIDS Day, an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about HIV/AIDS globally.

The theme for this year, “Let Communities Lead’’ is more than a celebration of the achievements of communities. It is a call to action to enable and support the life-saving works of communities.

This year, NiBUCAA implemented a series of initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on the fight against HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.

We launched our #TogetherAgainstHIV Campaign across all social media platforms, encouraging individuals to stand united in the mission to end AIDS.

NiBUCAA embarked on a media tour in high HIV prevalent states to educate millions of Nigerians on the importance of regular testing to know their HIV status, and an awareness rally across NYSC camps to reach adolescents and young persons with HIV information.

In collaboration with the Nigeria Youth Network on HIV/AIDS (NYNETHA), NiBUCAA conducted free HIV testing and counselling services and reached 1000 beneficiaries in select states across Nigeria.

This intervention aligns with the theme of World AIDS Day 2023 hinged on “Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Community by Community.”

As part of its commitment to advocacy, NiBUCAA partnered with the Lagos State AIDS Control Agency (LSACA), for a novelty football match. It brought together diverse communities and notable personalities, including government officials and community leaders.

The match served as a platform to encourage open conversations about the virus and promote the theme of community-driven efforts to end the epidemic.

Reflecting on the success of these interventions, The MD/CEO of NiBUCAA, Dr Jekwu Ozoemene expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts that made these events possible.

“Our commitment to the World AIDS Day 2023 theme is a testament to our belief in the power of communities to effect positive change,” he said.

Through these initiatives, Ozoemene said they strived to contribute to the global goal of ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The MD added: “NiBUCAA remains steadfast in its dedication to raising awareness, promoting testing, and supporting communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

“As we mark World AIDS Day 2023, we call on individuals, businesses, and communities to join us in this crucial endeavour.”

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