Okonkwo Decries Lack of Love among Ndigbo, Calls for Unity

Okonkwo Decries Lack of Love among Ndigbo, Calls for Unity

David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

The Chairman of United Nigeria Airline, Professor Obiora Okonkwo, has decried the lack of love among Ndigbo.

Okonkwo, who spoke at the end of year get together of an Igbo socio-economic and think tank group, the Aka Ikenga, said that most of the problems of some prominent Igbo sons have been traced to their fellow Igbo indigenes, who work hard to pull them down.

Okonkwo, who was recognised by the group with an award as “Enabler of Ndi-Igbo Vision, Strength, and Resilience,” said that many Igbo sons use social media to undermine their brothers because of lack of love among themselves.

He said: “The problem is no longer what outsiders are doing to us, ndi Igbo, but what we ourselves are doing to each other.

“We have spoken about what others have done to Ndi Igbo, without addressing what we Igbos are doing to ourselves. The spate of hate is too much among many Igbo brothers and sisters, who, instead of collaborating, see themselves as competitors and strive to pull others down rather than working together and showing solidarity.

“People now go to the internet, generate stereotypes, and present them as truth, and people believe these narratives. A recent example is when a man went to the Air Peace portal and compared a business class ticket to the South-east with an economy class ticket to a state in the North without considering the difference in pricing for each class.

“He started hurling insults and attacks at Air Peace. That’s plain wickedness and ignorance.

“When I entered the industry (aviation), there were people who thought I would fight and compete with my brother, Allen Onyema. Perhaps they believed Igbos were always antagonistic towards each other, thinking I would be a better weapon for them to attack Air Peace.

“However, when I got in, they saw the opposite. Instead of fighting and competing, we decided to collaborate and work together; this has made us the target of the industry.

“Ndị Igbo, we are known for our resilience, strength, and ability to succeed amidst challenges. If we manage to overcome the ‘pull him down’ syndrome that has now pervaded our people, external attacks would be nothing,” Okonkwo added.

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