Edo Education Gets Makeover as Transformative Tech Reshapes Learning

Edo Education Gets Makeover as Transformative Tech Reshapes Learning

The Edo State Government has transformed learning in the state with the distribution of educational tablets to students in the secondary schools through its EdoBEST initiative.

Since EdoBEST was launched in 2018 by Governor Godwin Obaseki, the programme has empowered teachers at the basic level with tablets. 

However, the education system in Edo State is undergoing a sector-wide reform from basic education to tertiary education which will involve the distribution of tablets to secondary school teachers and students.

Obaseki launched the Edo Learning Agenda in April 2023 and now, the Edo State Ministry of Education is using transformative technologies to reshape teaching and learning in the state. 

The intervention aims to enhance the learner-centred pedagogy by improving the interaction between the teacher and learner, learner with teacher and learner with other learners. 

It is expected that this initiative will lead to an overall improvement in the quality of education in the state.

The Edo State Commissioner for Education, Dr. Joan Osa Oviawe, explained during the pilot at the Imaguero College in Benin City that the introduction of an integrated education management system builds on the success of EdoBEST by extending digital learning to secondary schools. 

The system rides on the five pillars of EdoBEST 2.0 namely, governance, innovative teaching, learning for skills, school environments and values. 

Oviawe announced that the educational tablets to be distributed will include scripted lessons, assessments, e-books, and interactive videos that are in line with the national curriculum. 

“As part of the EdoBEST@Home initiative, students will now have access to these interactive videos offline, which promotes learning beyond the classroom. Additionally, this system will enable Edo children to gain exposure to the use of technology at an early age,” she said.

Eugene Okhide, a Physics teacher at Imaguero College, said that the use of technology in teaching is a game-changer that simplifies the work of teachers. 

He stated that the education management system is very helpful. Students get to watch instructional videos which they can access after the class. 

“Today, we were able to take a pop-up test. It is a wonderful experience using the tablets,” he said. 

Imaguero College students said that the educational tablets will make learning fun in and outside the classroom.

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