Firm Partners MSBM to Empower 5,000 Youths with Quality Education 

Firm Partners MSBM to Empower 5,000 Youths with Quality Education 

To secure a brighter future for 5,000 individuals in underserved communities in Nigeria, Lead For Good Africa has partnered with the Metropolitan School of Business and Management (MSBM) UK, a UK-based online accredited school.

The CEO of Lead For Good Africa, Chinonso Clark, said her organisation recognises the alarming statistics of young unemployed Nigerians, plagued by the rising high cost of living, declining quality of education, and access to education.

She added that all these factors continue to lead to brain drain, the mass exodus out of Nigeria, poverty, and an increase in social vices that jeopardise the future of youths and women.  

With the urgent need for interventions that secure the future of young Nigerians, especially those in underserved communities, she noted that her organisation’s partnership with the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK will empower over 5,000 youths, including men and women, with access to quality education. 

“The goal of this partnership is to solve the pervasive issue of poverty through quality and accessible education. With a shared vision that revolves around providing advanced educational pathways to beneficiaries, this partnership is geared towards empowering youths and women with the knowledge and skills needed to cultivate their potential, seize opportunities and make sustained economic advancement despite the prevalent societal challenges,” Clark stressed.

The founder expressed its commitment to reshaping mindsets and providing tangible skills that will enable individuals to overcome the challenges they face daily, adding, “The core of their approach is twofold: leadership development training programmes strategically designed to dismantle mindset limitations that hinder the realisation of untapped potentials, and skill empowerment initiatives, which have already impacted countless youths and women to create sustainable solutions for societal demands.”

Through the collaboration, she stated that the organisation receives a significant boost, which amplifies its efforts, enabling individuals to earn a living while addressing critical needs in their communities.

“The ripple effect is that empowered individuals become catalysts for change, training others in a cascading cycle of empowerment. By joining forces with MSBM UK, Lead For Good Africa gains the strength to tackle poverty at its roots, focusing on education as the key to unlocking new possibilities,” Clark explained. 

Clark added that this strategic alliance also “allows them to broaden their reach, cover more territories and amplify their impact on the lives of countless individuals trapped in the cycle of poverty. “Together, they are not just tackling a problem; they are fostering a movement that transcends borders and creates positive change.”

Clark said she believed in the power of collaboration and that consolidating such efforts, especially in the third sector, would go a long way in accelerating the UN SDG’s goals in Africa. 

“Empowering individuals, especially youths and women, with the mindset required for progress and productivity is at the core of our work, and this inside-out transformation that happens with our work is what I believe distinguishes us as we continue to set out to fulfil our organisation’s vision to reduce poverty and improve human capital development,” stated Clark.

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