Nine-year-old Encourages Children to Invest More Time in Reading

Nine-year-old Encourages Children to Invest More Time in Reading

Funmi Ogundare

A grade four pupil of Hampton Preparatory School, Lekki, Master Osaivbie Izedonmwen, 9, is setting a goal to read 200 books this year, with the aim of instilling the reading culture in children.

In January, Izedonmwen

started a challenge of reviewing the books he had read via his Instagram page, ‘Read with Us’, and even took it a step further by organising a book and toy donation drive.  

Supported by his elder brother, Oghosa,12, Izedonmwen went to his cousin’s church on Easter Sunday and donated over 100 books to children to encourage them to invest more time in reading. 

In an interview with journalists, Izedonmwen stated that he started reading at the age of three and believes everyone should read and enjoy the same pleasure he derives from it.

“I think gadgets and laptops seem to be taking away the love of reading among children. I really like reading. It’s exciting. It’s like watching a movie in your head, but your imagination is limitless.”

He expressed hope that more donations would come so that he can keep donating to children who can’t afford to buy these books, adding that the drive will be done annually.

His parents, Osayi and Taiye, who are both engineers, said, “we both appreciate the merits and demerits of watching television. Our sons both watch TV, but they would rather read their books. We are excited that our children now understand that readers are leaders, and no one can go far with just playing games instead of gaining knowledge through reading.”

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